Smart City Street Lamp Management System

In recent years, driven by the rapid development of wireless communication technology, the smart home industry has entered a period of rapid development. As a result of intelligent development in the field of lighting in the Internet era, intelligent lighting provides a new lighting solution for cities and homes.

In the field of smart home, smart lighting has obvious advantages, which are mainly reflected in several aspects such as convenient operation, energy saving, safety, and cost reduction. Its future prospects are very broad. It is predicted that China's smart lighting market will exceed 40 billion yuan in 2022.


Intelligent lighting refers to the use of computers, wireless communication data transmission, spread spectrum power carrier communication technology, computer intelligent information processing and energy-saving electrical control and other technologies composed of distributed wireless telemetry, remote control, remote control system to achieve the lighting equipment Intelligent control. It has the functions of light intensity adjustment, light soft start, timing control, scene setting and other functions; and achieves the characteristics of safety, energy saving, comfort and efficiency.

As a professional manufacturer of light controllers, LONGJOIN constantly pursues the exploration of more intelligent product design. After investing in technology, we have developed a smart street lighting management system and smart street lighting products-smart light controllers.

Advantages of Smart Lighting Management System


1. Integrated design of gateway light controller, no need for additional gateway products, saving cost, more convenient installation and maintenance

2. Built-in antenna: The Zigbee point-to-point communication distance is more than 1KM under the highly integrated design, which solves the inconvenience and unsightly installation of external wires, and the defect that the communication distance of similar built-in antennas is about 300M

3. Second-level routing recovery capability, so that the communication connection caused by any abnormal situation can be completed instantly, without waiting for a period of time to control

4. Real-time local strategy, after a single remote custom setting strategy, you can still run the strategy independently and on time when the network is disconnected

5. Fault self-check-self-processing-background analysis-push, more self-processing and background analysis functions than general products, self-processing will automatically try to solve the fault and return to normal, so you don't need to invest manpower to repair; Analysis is through complex algorithm analysis, which can analyze the cause of failure and the location of damaged parts, and give the most accurate guidance for maintenance.

6. Anti-interconnection design avoids the inter-connection problem with other zigbee networks such as smart homes, and makes the communication more stable

7. The plug-in SIM card design that meets the protection level of IP65 or higher, and the operator can be selected, which is more convenient to use.

Introduction of Smart City Street Lamp Management System



Intelligent street light control system


Smart Lighting Management System Platform


APP Installation and Debugging

The installation site directly collects the latitude and longitude coordinates, uploads the light controller, light pole, driver, lamp information and automatically binds it (Pain point: Many platforms have to edit the attributes of all devices before importing them to the server, which is time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone At the same time, the actual installation must also be installed in the order of achieving editing, which further increases the risk of incorrect correspondence)

The background fault analysis is directly pushed to the APP, and you can navigate to the fault site with one-click (Pain point: After receiving the fault push, you dont need to check where the faulty equipment is installed from the database. The fault analysis results are convenient for maintenance personnel to do Corresponding preparations (pain point: no need to bring a full set of maintenance equipment, pack lightly)

One-key debugging can be carried out at any place and any time to check whether the whole set of street lights is operating normally


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